Worldhotels: Helping independent hotel be competitive

Author: Kristin Intress

Categories: Marketing, North America
Tags: competition, distribution, EU, Independant hotels, New York
We're an affiliation, so at the end of the day it's a membership-based environment for an independent hotel that needs to be competitive in an international market. So if you're an exclusive independent hotel in New York, uh, you might have a New York presence, but how do you get out to 32 global markets and be competitive? So we allow that demand that we deliver the sales to the front door, yet allowing them also to be independent, giving them the tools and the ability to compete with the big brands or other hotels in the area. So, we represent about 500 hotels worldwide, it's about 300 in the EU region, about 100 on each side, uh, but really that sales demand, so it's to hook into distribution, but it's getting the delivery of the reservations if you're not with a big brand, is usually the real challenge that they have, especially on an international level.
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