Workplace culture: Building relationships

Author: Sinai Pedreschi, James Kirk (

Categories: Deal-making, Marketing
Tags: face to face, relationships, sales
A positive workplace culture can mean that the people you work with become friends. In this TV show Sinai explains why it is good for business to build relationships.

Workplace culture: People choose the people they know

There’s two sides. Getting to know the in house guests is something the operational team and the general manager would get to know. The side that I would get to know as a sales and marketing person is very much the booker. The person who would sign the contract, the person responsible for delivering that business. I think it is crucial to get to know your customer. You are as good as your last show round. It is very much the people. People work with people they know and like. It really is so true. I have been told sometimes people think I am working with my friends. Well they have become my friends, so I do believe there is that level that you go to. You appeal to everybody’s better nature. You’re working together on something, you have a common interest. So it makes it easier for you to have a better relationship with somebody if you are continuously face to face with them. I do believe in online, but I do believe that the actual face to face can never replace the telephone call or anything that is booked online and so on. If you enjoyed this video about workplace culture, please browse more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel.  
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