Working in hospitality will always be about people

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Working in hospitality, like any other business there will be a lot of change to face throughout a career. However, as Olivier Harnisch of The Rezidor Hotel Group discusses in this TV, some skills will be valuable for life.

Careers advice for working in hospitality

I started not so long ago, 25 years ago in the industry as a Cormier du restaurant in France.  And it is just amazing how much hotels have changed.  You know when I started in the mid-80s which is almost 30 years ago, when I started in the mid-80s we were still working with physical keys and you know, racks behind the front desk.  And look at hotels now.  But the fundamentals haven’t changed, it’s a peoples’ business and this will remain a peoples’ business forever.  But you know, and the qualities that are required to be successful in the hotel business, I think they have not changed neither, flexibility, enthusiasm for the industry, openness of mind, that remains, and I would recommend to every young person entering the industry or being in the industry to keep those qualities, because they are really important factors in having a successful career in the sector.

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