Three hotel product opportunities in Africa

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A hotel product will often be adapted to fit the market that it is in. In Africa there are three very different product types as Philippe Doizelet discusses in this TV show.

Hotel products: City centre, local chains and resorts

You have several product opportunities in Africa. Of course you have the classic city centre for five star hotel, for international business customers, diplomats and corporate meetings, that remains active, either for development or for repositioning, because many are old. Second, you have, and that’s a very interesting one, you have the emergence of local chains. You have local chains like, of African origin, I mean like Onomo or Azalai, Alomho, starting from the field and developing over the continent on three star segment and mainly dedicated to regional, I mean African business travel. That is important. And last not least, you have resorts. Resorts in Indian Ocean, of course continuing development in Seychelles, Mauritius. Resorts in natural sanctuaries like in Kenya, development in Cameroon, on the Senegal coastline, well in many areas, so very diverse type opportunities, very different type of site, very different type of focus.   If you enjoyed this video about the three hotel product opportunities in Africa, why not explore more TV shows on The Hospitality TV Channel   
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