The age of big data in the hospitality industry

Author: Carlo Gagliardi, James Kirk (

Categories: Data
Tags: loyalty programmes
Some say that the age of big data is upon us. In this TV show Carlo Gagliardi of PwC explains why big data it is even bigger than it seems.

The age of big data is just beginning

In the defence of the hospitality industry, I think big data is a contentious topic because some analysts say that you have to embrace it, without it you won’t go anywhere. And some other analysts are a bit sceptical about it. The truth is that the volume of data is exploding in our faces. Just to give you a stat, which I found scary when I read it, 90% of all the data digitally captured in the world today has been created over the last two years. But the majority of this data is noise. So I believe the hotel industry, the hospitality industry needs to look at big data but with clarity of what they use it for rather than just have a swim in a sea of big data for the sake of it. The loyalty programmes are a toe in the water of big data. If you enjoyed this video about the age of big data, why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?  
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