Technology systems in the hotel experience

Author: Minesh Shah, James Kirk (

Categories: Operations, Social Media, Technology
Tags: CM, CRS, hotel experience, hotel systems, PNS, TripAdvisor
Technology systems are often divided up to serve different purposes. In this TV show Minesh Shah explains why this a problem for hospitality.

The struggle to unite technology systems

One of the struggles, I think, of the hotel industry is the amount of disparate systems that exist, right. I mean there’s every 3 letter acronym you can think of, from PNS to CRS to CRM that exist out there and being able to unite a hotel experience to some extent also means being able to unite the disparate systems that are out there. So, it is a struggle, it certainly is a struggle but what we’re seeing is, I think, a lot of hotels are struggling to embrace it. Either using tools so that they may be able to monitor social media conversations or user TripAdvisor content to be able to monitor in a more realistic way, bringing it in centrally so that they can then see what’s been going on, but also be able to kind of develop programmes to institutionalise that.

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