Technology systems and staff training

Author: Remy Merckx, James Kirk (

Categories: Staff, Technology
Tags: education, employees, hotel industry, training
Technology systems in hotels will not be properly adopted unless staff are educated in how to use them. In this TV show Remy Merckx discusses setting up companywide technology training.

Implementing new technology systems

It’s a heavy process and it’s a lot of an educational process. So we are setting up specific training’s actually, for the rest of the company. We are a company with about 80,000 employees around the world. We are setting up interesting training and training programmes in order to help them to, to be updated and to be at the level that we are expecting today. Again, is it an easy process? No, it’s not but you know what, I think that's not linked to the hotel industry, that's linked to how companies have been set up in the past. And you know, when new trends and new technologies are coming on board you have to change, you have to adapt yourself and you need to have people that are ready to do this exercise.

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