Staffing in Saudi Arabian hotels: Investing in local talent

Author: Khalid Anib, James Kirk (

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Staffing in new hotels can be dealt with by transferring people from elsewhere. However, as Khalid Anib explains in this TV shows, hotels in Saudi Arabia are giving the opportunity to local people.

Staffing new international hotels

Usually these international brands, they do bring people from either sister hotel that is already established in Saudi Arabia or through their other properties that are around the world.  Now, Saudi Arabia have been a bit restrictive in term of lifestyle, so that creates a challenge to bring in certain profiles.  Having said that, today Saudi Arabia is investing in Saudis basically.  All the hotels are really into that .  And we have seen recently this ratio growing.  I remember it was something around 8/10%, now there are hotels with more than 40%.  There is another element that we are noticing recently is that not only rank and file employees but also head of departments to GM’s level.  In fact within our hotels we have four Saudi GMs that are very successful.  And we have quite a number of number two that will soon be promoted to GM positions.  So this combination today allows hotels to run successfully and to provide the quality that is required from a customer.  And we can see that through guest reviews that has significantly been improved for the last five years where you could see really bad reviews with maximum of 7.5 on or TripAdvisor, where today we have hotels that are highly ranked in term of quality.  So today, yes, there is a possibility to provide the quality and to have the right people on board.

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