Social media usage influences people more than brand promises

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Social media usage has changed the way guests learn about hotels. This can be a positive for independent hotels, as Rohan Patel explains in this TV show.

Social media usage is good for independent hotels

I mean for me, I was intrigued the other day, I read a story about a hotelier in Kenya, a very successful one, they run a mid-market product that does extremely well, and he said for me the only thing that I ever care about in terms of things I see, what customers say to me, is Trip Advisor, and that’s the only thing I look at, and if I’m number one on trip advisor, and its typically number one or number two, for the city of Nairobi, that’s all I care about. Because what influences peoples’ decision to make a purchase of a hotel room for example, it’s changed. There’s various factors which drove it before but this is certainly changing it significantly. I’m not saying it’s the only reason. People will not necessarily book a hotel on Trip Advisor, but these channels are there, this media is there, people consume it, and people are influenced by it very strongly, and so you’re responsive to these online channels and managing that, actually for an independent actually makes life much easier, because suddenly it kind of puts you on parity with a traditional big brand, which you weren’t on before, you can be placed significantly higher than then on something like Trip Advisor and people react to that. People are influenced by that. So it’s a great leveller for brands, which is great because I think people then judge a product for what it’s about and hat people think about it and not a brand promise which may or may not be necessarily be being delivered.

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