Social media profiles enable business development

Author: Dan Wakeling

Categories: Social Media, Technology
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Social media profiles can greatly increase brand awareness, as Dan Wakeling of Trump Hotel Collection explains in this TV show.

Social media profiles at Trump

Technology is a huge enabler, and I think also, you know, social media around that, is a huge thing for us. All of the family members are very active, in social media, and they have a lot of following, which is great for our brand and also great for our partners, because the level of publicity generated, by the family members in the different markets that we're in, and we're going to be in, is immeasurable. I think technology has enabled that in one part, it's also helped us just to understand and track what our customers are into and also able to help us operate our businesses better. It think as a smaller, slightly smaller company, in terms of the number of hotels in our pipeline, or in our portfolio, we're able to be more nimble and more with the times a lot easier, so when these new technologies come out, we can access them and roll them out across our portfolio pretty quickly. We also own roughly half of our portfolios, so that’s not always a difficult discussion with an owner to say "Hey, I think this is a great idea from a technology perspective, there is a cost associated with it, but hey, you know, we're gonna spend the money as well".

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