Owner/operator relationships of the future

Author: James Kirk (, Michael Devereux

Categories: Deal-making
Tags: finance, owner/operator, partnerships
Owner/operator relationships should involve understanding and flexibility as Michael Devereux of Starwood Hotels & Resorts explains in this TV show.

How are owner/operator relationships changing?

Hopefully for the better and I certainly would encourage that and especially from our side. I think operators need to be more flexible from a commercial terms point of view. They need to understand what the owners needs are from an equity and finance point of view. And to be able to offer more flexible terms, different types of deals and go into bigger, longer relationships with owners where it’s not only one hotel but you box the hotels into three, four or five types hotels. And then I think the operators will become a lot more flexible from a commercial terms point of view. If you found this video about owner/operator relationships interesting, why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?
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