Owner-operators are common in the alternatives market

Author: Tim Helliwell, James Kirk (

Categories: Deal-making, Operations
Tags: cash flow, contracts, manchise, Operating Models, owner/operator
In terms of operating models, many of them start out as owner operators and indeed well, you know, we've been hearing about these concepts today. Many of these brands that have come through, you know, fundamentally they have got investment and they are owner operators, they're in charge of their brand name, they, they run the operations and they also own the real estate, you know. And frankly that from an investment perspective, it works because it allows you that ability to be in complete control of the operating model, and you have that flexibility. And I think as you start moving through and then looking to expand that model whether it's into a management contract or a franchise or something else, ultimately those types of models, you want to be, you want to be sharing a concept which is established. So I think normally what you see is you'll see this type of concept, and we've heard about it today, you know, a lot of these are owner-operators; as they've grown they've grown within an owner-operator model, but then they are looking for that next level of growth, potentially via franchise or management contract. That's what I do. Our business is all about operating risk, so, you know, we'll take owner operations, management contracts, franchises, you know, manchises, and that's what we do; we look at those operating cash flows and, and we understand the difference in them and how they can work. But fundamentally, at this stage in the market, which is still a relatively young part of the sector, a lot of the propositions that are coming out, they are still owner operators. And, and I can understand that, it makes sense for the investors, and it makes sense for the operators because they've got that flexibility.
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