OTAs provide competition

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OTAs have changed the hospitality industry. Online travel agents are now big competitors in the market as Jean-Jacques Dessors of Accor SA discusses in this TV show.

OTAs - Online travel agents

Our industry is changing. In the past we had to fight against, I would say all the peers in the market, colleagues or other brands. Today I think that our industry is changing with new distribution channels. So today and tomorrow the battle is not only against the other brands in the market but it’s much more again the distribution and online travel agency. So I think that’s why our business model is changing. We were investing much more in concrete and buildings in the past, now we have to reverse a little bit the way we reinvest our money. We have to invest much more in distribution to avoid to be in the hands of the big guys of distribution. So this industry is really changing.   The Hospitality TV Channel will continue to follow the impact of OTAs on the industry.  
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