Operations management: Customers must always come first

Author: Lennert De Jong, James Kirk (

Categories: Leadership, Operations, Staff
Tags: ambassadors,, customers, hotel staff, managment systems
Operations management is more important than boardroom decisions when aiming to please the customer, according to Lennert De Jong who explains further in this TV show.

Operations management: Hotel staff are top of the pyramid

Focusing on your customer first of all of all is really important because if you don’t do that you force you force your customers to go into things that they don’t really want to do. Just like if reservations departments are too lazy to retype an email address they got from into the property management system it just means that you as a customer have to do this again. So we really focus with everything we do around the customer and not really around processes, you know what the chairman wants. We behave like a bunch of ants you know, we try to do micro communication, so, I’ll give you an example, our ambassadors that work in the hotel are at the top of the our pyramid. So they’re guys in charge. If they need something they get something and they order down instead of asking up. The Hospitality Channel will continue to follow ideas discussions around operations management and power structures.
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