Offering tailored experiences for each customer profile

Author: Sara Lodhi, James Kirk (

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Which customer profile would be most attracted to your product? In this TV show Sarah Lodhi discusses how BridgeStreet's serviced apartments try to cater to a variety of guests.

Customising for the customer profile

It means providing serviced apartment experiences for all different lifestyles, all different price points, whether it’s a corporate guest, whether it’s for leisure, for all different areas within a city.  So that can be city centre, near to transport hubs or it’s on the fringes where you want a little bit more of a residential feel. It’s about the hospitality experience that you get when you come to one of our properties.  It’s about the lifestyle that you have there, whether that is to do with the service level, so it’s uber luxury or whether it’s you just want to get on with your own business, you want to just have your own lifestyle and just have the kind of the basics and that’s what it’s all about, providing you that experience that’s tailored to you.

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