New Club med developments

Author: Gregory Lanter

Categories: Asia, Europe
Tags: Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
For Club Med a new development is a pristine, extraordinary piece of land that's basics. It needs to be fifteen hectare, because we need to offer an extremely good product to our guests. Three hundred and fifty rooms, that's our target. Upscale resort, er, that's four and five star resorts. That's our positioning. With quite a strong sport and public facilities inside the resort, because we like people to be together, that's our strategy, and the places where we are looking for developing these resort is ski in the US, we are currently working on a project in Le Massif, Canada, but in the rest of the US of, in the US, is something that we're looking at right now. Caribbean, we're looking at a few projects there. Brazil also. We are looking in the French Alps at developing further Club Med resorts, target as being one resort per year, we're looking at East Africa also, because we believe a Safari Club Med would be a very interesting product. Middle East, and then Asia, obviously China, we have three resort there and we're continuously developing, we'll open two to three resort per year in the coming years, and our prospection places in Asia, where we already have resort are Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia - all these countries are dream countries for Chinese, Asian guests and where we also had the capability to bring European guests. That's the best situation, where in the same place, you can bring, during the year, at some periods Chinese, at some period Asian, and at some period Europeans. That's the way to increase your occupancy, your ADR and to, at the end of the day, make money for the owner, because we're asset light, we are the owners with us, and make money for Club Med and the resort operator tour operator. That's the best way to be a successful company.
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