Market conditions: Dutch market vs. European market

Author: Ewout Hoogendoorn

Categories: Europe
Tags: Germany, Maastricht, Netherlands, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht
Market conditions in European countries are somewhat interdependent. In this TV show Ewout Hoogendorn of Horwath HTL discusses some similarities and difference between the Dutch market and the rest of the continent.

Market Conditions in Netherlands and Germany

Over the last 12 months we have seen that the Dutch economy is a very open economy, so very much related to particularly UK but even stronger to Germany.  And since the German has been quite strong over the last within the last 12 months or even longer than that.  There was a good impact to the Dutch market, not as much as we expected actually.  You would expect that because the German market has  been growing a couple of percentages, much more than other markets.  You would expect the Dutch market to grow for similar, they didn’t, but it’s doing well.  And so it took up quite well.  But then again also that’s related back to, well that’s not only related to Amsterdam, you get Rotterdam and Utrecht, Rotterdam is also quite an international location, have picked up to the German market as well.  And if you don’t look at the rest of the country for the Amsterdam market which is as I said quite a one off market for the Dutch market .  And there’s the larger cities, we’ve got Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, but also Maastricht.  Those markets are doing well.  But also they have different characters, if we look at the Rotterdam market, one of the expansions also been done. But perhaps too much, too much for this time around, I mean so much being expanded and not the market itself, the demand is not growing with similar percentages.  So that market is going to be quite heavy.  The other market which is interesting is the Utrecht market because that has one of the expansion plans but they haven’t materialised for over a decade more or less. And still the demand has grown quite substantially, so the Utrecht market is one of the interesting markets for the moment.

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