Key sectors for family office investors

Author: James Innes, James Kirk (

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Family office investors are looking for opportunities in hospitality and leisure according to James Innes of Chrystal Capital Partners LLP, who explains further in this TV show.

Family office investors in the MENA region

Family office investors are very similar to institutional investors in terms of what they look for. They are looking for strong management scenes, robust businesses, they’re looking for growth scalability. They’re looking for things within the MENA region specifically which are going to benefit from the overall macroeconomic situation, so those industries which are going to benefit from five percent GDP growth, the boom in population, the expansion of the middle classes, the deregulation of legal financial situations. So in terms of specific sectors I think retail, consumer, hospitality and leisure obviously are all key sectors which the families are looking for.

Hospitality TV will continue to follow discussions around family office investors and other funding sources for the hospitality industry.

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