It’s all about choice

Author: Tim Helliwell, James Kirk (

Categories: Cultural, Deal-making
Tags: business travel, choice, family, Sustainability
I think what they are is, is offering consumers this choice. I might be willing to stay at a, a mainstream hotel whilst I'm at work, but equally at weekends I might fancy something differer. I might fancy going and staying in a hostel in a European city with my family, and I might not necessarily want to have that full service experience. I might be very comfortable to stay in a, in a hostel with my family and not necessarily need a dinner and bed and breakfast offering; I might be just happy to go and sort myself out. And I think also, the offerings in terms of some of them are a bit edgier for example; maybe that's something that I might be interested in exploring and I think this, this is the, this is what it's all about now, it's about choice, and I think then in terms of the safety from a banking perspective, if these are well managed propositions, if they've got sustainable cash flows, sustainable business models, this is exactly something which a funder would want to explore.
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