Institutional investors in Dubai

Author: Joe Sita, James Kirk (

Categories: Investment, Middle East
Tags: Dubai, emerging markets, private equity investment, real estate, UAE
Institutional investors have not taken as much interest in Dubai as they could. In this TV show Joe Sita discusses changes in Dubai over the last four years.

Institutional investors prefer developed markets

The UAE or in Dubai in particular has been always, you know, is essentially an emerging market.  So you know, we to a large extent behave like a developed market but you know, essentially we’re still a developing market.  You know, that said, so that tends to, because of that status, institutional investment is probably still not quite ready to come to this market to the extent that, you know, I think we would like it.  But beyond that sort of pure institutional investor, we’re seeing lots of interest from, you know, real estate investment trusts that are looking to set up here through private equity investment.  We’re seeing lots of debt now coming into the market which, you know, five years ago wasn’t there.  So you know, generally speaking the whole investor sentiment for the UAE and Dubai in particular have improved dramatically over the last three to four years.

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