Information management, data and loyalty programmes

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Information management is an important part of the hospitality industry with so much customer information available. In this TV show Jean-Jacques Dessors of Accor discusses using data to meet customer needs.

Information management in hospitality

It’s quite new for our industry. I think that we are still learning. But we launched our loyalty programme five years ago and we have enrolled more than 11 million members in less than five years. Today we have a really good database but not only numbers, but also in qualification of customers. So today really we approach a customer like retail or the other industries like airline industry. There is no point to offer to a customer a destination which is not really a destination which will be a favorite destination for this customer. So we have learned from other industries to manage our database of guest and to make sure that we adapt for each guest the right speech and the right approach.   The Hospitality TV Channel will continue to follow discussions around information management, data, loyalty programmes, customer profiles and direct marketing.
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