Industry development – The future of the Middle East

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Industry development in the Middle East will be hugely influenced by 2020 plans, as Sven Doliwa discusses in this TV show.

Industry development in the Middle East

Well World Hotels run currently 12 hotels in the Middle Eastern area including the GCC. We see great potential for further development in the GCC market and especially in the UAE market, Dubai as a trendsetter for new hotel developments which are fancy hotels, which are new lifestyle hotels, which is compared to the Central European market. And more creative new concepts, with new designs which we really want to be part of. And we’re going to see and put emphasise on the Middle Eastern market to develop our brand. I think for the next 10 years that’s going to be fine. The question is what comes after 2020 and it would be a shame if the Middle Eastern market runs into let’s say more A massive tourism market which then rather brings rates down. And you know, there’s too much supply in the market, that really could harm the business in the future. But I’m very positive about the next years to come.

The Hospitality Channel will continue to follow industry development in the Middle East and other global markets.

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