Industry development in Rwanda

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Industry development can be understood at conferences and events. In this TV show Dennis Kerera discusses encouraging the growth of the hotel industry in Rwanda by following the examples of others.

Industry development in hospitality

Hotels tend to fall much in the private sector. But below that of course there’s administrators responsible for trade and industry. There is something called Rwanda Development Board which looks after tourism and conservation. And so the government bodies try do it following up on the movement of hotels. But we in the private sector have also decided to do our part, and this is the marginalising part. We are investing heavily in hotels. And so events like this one here, link us to the outside world, clearly we’ve been looking for the linkage to the outside world to number one, look at how other people out there, are they best hotels. Can we emulate the best practices we see out there? Can we emulate the styles of hotels? Can we train our people out there? Can we send out our people for exposure? We actually right now engage in that process. We send out our hotel service teams. So we are very, very ambitious in pursuing proper standards. We are working together now with the East African community, I’m sure you follow this. The East African community now, after coming together three countries have formed the tripartite, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. We have decided now to form one tourist destination. And so Rwanda has to be linked to this whole process. And our destination as East Africa now goes beyond the border of East Africa. And to us any tourist coming from Europe, from the west, from USA, from Asia should look at us as one destination, find out what goes on in Kenya, movement into Uganda, movement into Rwanda. And this can be done by a chain kind of tourist upwards. So this is what we are trying to do. And so us in the private sector, we are determined to, you know, to catch up with all these conferences. We want to be part of the world tourism market, we have to be there. We want the best hotels also to … we want to be linked to the best hotels. We want to form patterns of chains with these names, big, big brands out there. So yeah, we are ambitious in pursuing that one.     If you enjoyed this video about industry development, please watch more videos on The Hospitality TV Channel.    
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