Industry development in Medina and Makkah

Author: Amir Lababedi, James Kirk (

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Industry development in Saudi Arabia is following the expansion on the two cities Medina and Makkah, as Amir Labebedi of HVS Dubai explains in this TV show.

Industry development in Saudi Arabia

Medina and Makah are two markets that we’ve seen a lot of activity in, in the last year. Obviously there’s the renovation of these two cities which there’s a lot of activity going on there in terms of the expansion of those cities. And also the connectivity between those cities and other cities within Saudi, Jeddah and Riyadh, so definitely a lot of activities being based in terms of feasibility studies, has been based in Medina and Makkah. And to some degree we’ve also been quite active in Riyadh as well, although a lot of people argue that there’s too much supply coming into Riyadh and that could cause a problem in the future. But at the moment, yeah, I mean these are the markets that we’re primarily focusing on. There is also increased interest in secondary cities now, outside of the main primary cities within Saudi. So we’re starting to see a lot of developers approach us for, to assist them with their sort of growth strategy in terms of developing brands that are more located more towards the Saudi market.

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