Improving conversion and digital marketing strategy

Author: Frank Reeves, James Kirk (

Categories: Data, Technology
Tags: analytics, bookings, online channels, OTAs
We've delivered significant gains in the level of growth of direct website business, over ten years now, it's very much been our core area of focus and specialisation.There are many different strategies, techniques, tools, and analytics that the OTAs have in fact studied and learned from the retail industry, and in a nutshell we would bring a lot of that same clinical approach to delivering booking conversion to the direct hotel or serviced apartment website channel. The gains we can make by improving conversion, lead directly into a more competitive and aggressive digital marketing budget, so you have one thing, in addressing improved conversion that then leads to a more aggressive digital marketing strategy, that then essentially creates a budget for better web-design and far more compelling and aggressive, competitive strategy online. I think part of the, the reasons the OTAs have been able to pull away so effectively is that the hotel industry is in general still very bedded down and quite legacy technology, and a lack of awareness as to the gains that can be made online. So in a nutshell, yes, we deliver transformative growth of direct business, in a very short space of time, and there is a real series of methodologies and approach, and formulaic approach to delivering that, the gains that can be made are significant, and we can really help deliver, the primary hotel or service department channel as the fastest growing and the biggest channel online.  
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