Hotel product defined by location

Author: Valentine Ozigbo, James Kirk (

Categories: Africa, Luxury Hotels, Mid-Market Hotels, Value Hotels
Tags: Delta State, Garden Inn, Hampton, Hilton, hotel products, Nigeria, Starwood
Whether a hotel product will work or not depends on the marketplace it is in, as Valentine Ozigbo says in this TV show.

Which hotel product will work in Africa?

If you ask this question my conclusion will be you don’t know Africa because there’s nothing like products for Africa. Every product will work in Africa. It’s to find what product works in which location. Some parts of Lagos can go with Hampton or Garden Inn, or you know, go to the Park Inn or rest of these, Starwood or any other brand. So the point I’m making is it’s actually the location that defines what product that works. And in a country like Nigeria, which is almost like 20- 30 countries put together, you can find what works in different, maybe I want to do a three star hotel in Delta State, until the, you know, demographics grow further and the middle class, you know, gets up. But maybe I want to do a five star in Abuja or Lagos. Maybe I want to do a four star in Port Harcourt, so the different products that work, it depends on the location. If you enjoyed this video about hotel products, why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?  
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