Hostel profitability and staffing compared to hotels

Author: Carl Michel

Categories: Alternative Accommodation, Investment
Tags: hostel, housekeeping, PAris, profitability, staff
In terms of profitability, hostels rank very high, because already the revenue generation is very strong given the bed density, and because our costs are actually much lower - typically for instance we've just opened up our Paris hostel with nine hundred and sixteen beds, and that's staffed by forty five people, so the ratio of staff to guests is incredibly good and on that basis actually our profit per bed and per square meter will certainly be well up in the hotel space. It's not at five star levels, but it's very comparable to many three or four star hotels. The staffing levels are, obviously, materially lower, because what we're doing is providing much more basic services - the focus is very much on the ground floor, the social spaces where we have our event coordinators, our bar staff, and all the, all the reception staff, this is a 24/7 operation. And then upstairs the housekeeping's much more limited, there are no televisions, there are, just beds, er, and therefore the cleaning is much more basic, but it's functional and very purpose driven.
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