Hospitality trends: Experience, Experience, Experience

Author: Henning Fries, James Kirk (

Categories: Operations
Tags: environment, guest experience, location
Hospitality trends can be influenced by customers, technology, or a wider global trends. In this TV show Henning Fries discusses the shift from a focus on location to experience.

Hospitality trends: Experience now more important than location

Well I think there are various aspects that make a great property.  I think, you know, location is always one that comes up immediately to our mind but again it used to be probably the three L’s; location, location, location.  I think that has shifted, you know.  First and foremost, it’s the experience that you’re delivering to your guest and then of course the location is important.  The hardware’s important that you know, you create a comfortable environment for your guest and create those memorable experiences which will lead to people telling others about it and of course then to return, yeah, and so these are really the key aspects to having a very successful operation.

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