Hospitality has become all about competition

Author: Kristin Intress

Categories: Social Media, Technology
Tags: experience, TripAdvisor
20 years ago it was about hospitality, it was about walking through the front door and creating an experience, you first now have to get them to the front door. It's actually become very transparent and it's almost irrelevant about a brand, which is where the struggle is, because TripAdvisor's really almost the biggest brand; we go there looking for confidence and capability. So there's so many new things that you have to learn and understand to be competitive, where in the past you had to kind of take care of your hotel and take care of the customer when they walked in. So that next level of even being competitive, is just so overwhelming, I think that uh, any normal human being would go on overload and in an instant try and understand that dichotomy that's happening there. So I think it's shift from we have to learn how to be virtual and talk to the audience that way, and that's not an easy shift because it's constantly moving.
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