Hospitality Careers: Development is a rewarding business

Author: Peter Vermeer, James Kirk (

Categories: Deal-making, Operations
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Hospitality careers can take many different forms. In this TV show Peter Vermeer of IHG discusses why he thinks development is better.

Good and bad points of hospitality careers

First of all never go in operations, I think that is extremely, I mean it’s extremely interesting and you can learn till even if you’re 150.  But development gives you huge satisfaction when you’re very young.  I think in a later age it’s much better to go into a more commercial position.  But I would say to my son, never try to go too early into a commercial position because there is an end to any commercial position. So yeah, it’s, there was a long time I would say to my son, never go into the hotel business.  But I’m getting a little bit softer and I think, you know, I’ve found the right niche.  So if he would follow me, great.

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