Hospitality careers and nationalisation

Author: Peter Malone, James Kirk (

Categories: Middle East, Staff
Tags: employment, nationalisation, Tourism
Hospitality careers are new opportunities for many in emerging markets. In this TV show Peter Malone discusses how tourism creates employment.

Hospitality careers in the Middle East

A number of the Middle Eastern countries, because of tourism, because of hospitality, it is providing employment for a huge amount of people.  And there’s a very young population in these countries and tourism is just a great place to build a career.  Nationalisation, if you like, of our industry particularly has been around for a number of years.  It’s not new, but there’s still room, you know, to mix local people from those countries into an expatriate environment as well.  So I think there’s room for both, nationalisation of employment is important, of course it’s important to their countries and to their economy.  But tourism, particularly and our wonderful industry is just adding to that.

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