Hospitality careers advice: 24/7 dedication

Author: Olivier Jacquin

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Hospitality careers need to be embraced fully and industry newcomers should eat, sleep and drink hospitality, as Olivier Jacquin of Mangalis Hotel Group explains in this TV show.

Hospitality careers require patience

I grew uh, for the past 25 years with big hotel chains, then I learned from them, and I gave the maximum of my capacity. My advice should be to be always keep an eye open to what's happening in the world. You should eat hotels, you should think hotels, you should absorb our hospitality industry like a coffee in the morning, or a uh whiskey on night. You need to be connected, 24 hours in our industry. It's a fantastic industry, it's a demanding industry, it's moving a lot, you see all the movement in design, in the operation, the way of thinking, the distribution changed a lot for the past 5, 10 years, and we need to adapt permanently uh, our skills, but I would say that if you feel yourself, here in the middle of your body, that hospitality is one of the key sector, you should jump into that. I have not a special advice to give, but just to stay connected and give your patience – it's a patient business, you know, we don't send rockets on the moon, we do hospitality business, we build hotels for sure, but at the end of the day, we operate hotels to make the guest satisfied to sleep well, to eat well, and to come back at home and to propose these clients to come back again on the site, and to make him loyal to the brand and to the continent we sell that's the most important, to make our guest happy.

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