Gaining experience in all aspects of the business

Author: Dan Wakeling

Categories: Brands, Careers, Operations
Tags: Hilton
I think one of the first things I decided to do was to get out of Australia. You know, it's a wonderful country I lived in Sydney, grew up in Sydney, but it's quite small, in terms of what you can do in the space, so if you, if you wanna be, in the hotel sector and have international experience you obviously have to leave Australia, so, that was one of my sort of the first decision, er, was to move to London where I got a position with Hilton. And a lot of it's down to timing as well, so it's, you know, right place, right time. And being involved in the transaction side of our business, so being around M & A transactions, lots of disposals, that's something that I've made a conscious decision to stay close to. And also then choosing to go over to Dubai, where I would be able to access Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, I think that's sort of broadened my career prospects and, and is part of what I think has made me get the role with Trump, was the international experience and also the experience working for a brand, and an owner, I think whenever you can have the experience of working on both sides of the fence, then that’s a great value, so really try to make sure I have experience from all aspects within the industry. Or as many as possible, anyway.
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