Flexibility is key to success in the future

Author: Susanne Stolte

Categories: future thinking, Technology
Tags: authenticity, Berlin, fashion week, innovation, traditional
We just had a discussion yesterday night at the Adnan hotel, which is an Icon hotel of course, and and, very traditional, very classical in one way, but they combine it with very new elements - a very, very hip bar, where locals are coming, and he told us that a few weeks ago there was the fashion week in Berlin, he saw that all these hip, guys and girls go somewhere else, and they came to his hotel because they say "we are living in a sort of hip environment all day long and it's very nice to go back into a sort of traditional authentic, er, environment" and that's what they found there. So I think the challenge is to be flexible, above all, because I mean the changes go so quickly that you have to innovate always, you know it's not something that you're doing every five or six years, it's a sort of continuous searching for new elements but, it's, I think a combination between a traditional and authentic and, gadgets, and new things, so this is, I think, a combination of everything.
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