Digital platforms increase exposure, but content is still king

Author: Peter Greenberg, James Kirk (

Categories: Technology
Tags: connectivity, digital platforms
There are more digital platforms than we might realise. Peter Greenberg explains further in this TV show.

Digital platforms - CBS News

When I do a piece on CBS news, it rests almost instantaneously on about 25 other platforms in the digital space. Websites, all sorts of URLs I don't even know exist but the impact there is huge and yes, I'm on Twitter and yes, I'm on Facebook and I'm on things I don't even know I'm on. But I still am a content creator and as I content creator, my staff is smart enough and young enough to know where to put it. The key is that content is still king and that applies to hotel development as well. You can't just say we're building X number of hotels. It's not a numbers game, it is not a numbers game, it's an experience game and if you're going to build a hotel, you better bring along the experiences or your hotel will fail. ___________________________________________________________ If you enjoyed this video about digital platforms why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?
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