Digital age means co-existing with OTAs

Author: Carl Michel, James Kirk (

Categories: Brands, Deal-making, ota/hotel relationship
Tags: brand loyalty, OTAs
In this digital age there is tension between online travel agents and brands, as Carl Michel of Generator Hostels discusses in this TV show.

Digital age conflicts

There's always a tension between an OTA and a direct machine, one of the challenges is simply, you've got to, you've gotta co-exist - we're frenemies, basically, to the OTAs, they are a necessary evil, what we hope to see, is by driving more content onto our web-site, and more unique offers onto our website, that we'll gradually gain more brand fans, brand loyalists, but we're still a relatively small brand, we only have ten locations, so we have to recognise the OTAs do play an important role in getting our brand distributed and out there to the market.

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