Development potential of value hotels for Dubai youth market

Author: Lo'ai Bataineh, James Kirk (

Categories: Cultural, Financial, Middle East, Value Hotels
Tags: assets, customer profiles, Dubai, funding, low scal hotels, Oman Bank, youth market
Dubai's government sees development potential in values hotels according to Lo'ai Bataineh, who discusses facilitating the needs of the Dubai youth in this TV show.

Youth market creates hotel development potential

Two years back we came up with a fund and that fund was particularly investing in these particular assets.  And we were targeting actually low scale hotels.  And apparently this was big demand, for example now, Dubai government they are making things or facilitating to come up with more hotels in this category in order to attract young people to travel and to spend more time and money. And you know, I believe there is shift and quality of thinking across the youth people across the region to travel and to explore more opportunities or explore more countries and enjoy their life, a matter of saving.  And I think there’s shift in thinking in terms of saving money, everybody willing to consume more or to spend more in order to tap certain needs and requirements.

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