Developing talent: Why recruitment needs more attention

Author: Nicolas Mayer, James Kirk (

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Developing talent and hiring the right staff is a very important part of running a hotel. However recruitment isn't always given the attention it deserves. Nicolas Mayer looks at People vs Products.

Developing talent takes effort

If you look at the efforts that we spend in selecting new napkins, versus the efforts we spend in selecting a new front office agent, you will see that much more management attention is done on the napkins, than on the front office employee. So in the asset game, you will go through a purchasing and request for proposals, you will order samples, you will test them, you will give them to your laundry to test wash, and eventually you will go into negotiations, and then you have napkins. Most recruitment for a server at your breakfast café if at all an hour of management attention is spent on it. Since we all inherently realise what the impact of a good employee can be, or what the damage of a false hire can be to you, it is still very surprising to me that we don't focus more energy resources and management attention on the recruiting on the line staff. People that are gems, of course have a lot of opportunities, and they have a lot of ways to move, not just for money, but they will often move to places where they feel they are going to be more appreciated, so this is, again, a question of celebrating someone's achievement, a team member that is a gem, and gets acknowledged as a gem, and that gets celebrated for it, and that goes through a regular course of you know, of your promotions and training, but not an accelerated one, just a normal one, will tend to stay much longer.

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