Deal-making is changing as owners are demanding more

Author: Saurabh Chawla, James Kirk (

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Deal-making varies across countries as may be expected. In this TV show Saurabh Chawla of Louvre Hotels Group discusses the current trends that he sees.

Deal-making trends

You know, the market’s evolving all the time.  I do development outside Europe.  So I do deals in South America.  I do deals in China, in India, in Africa. So it’s a wide spread of deals.  The deal making is very different as one would expect.  It’s a bit different for each region.  The trend I’m seeing is that owners are getting fussier in terms of, you know, why is that I’m giving all my hotels to an operator without the skin in the game.  So increasingly we’re seeing owners asking for some sort of financial benefit. And that trend started off in Asia and now I think it’s coming to Europe now and more and more owners are asking for some sort of financial instrument or skin in the game as they call it.  Otherwise it’s really good in the making, lots of alcohol to be drunk in many parts of the countries.  We have to build trust, especially in Asia and in South America before you can actually get into any sort of deal, Cyprus unlike in Europe where it’s very direct.  So yeah, its different markets, different deals. Keep browsing the Hospitality Channel for more videos on deal making trends and owner/operator relationships.  
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