Data strategy at Expedia

Author: Christopher Michau, James Kirk (

Categories: Data
Tags: competetive advantage, data analysis, data measurement, tests
Data strategy is evolving as the amounts of data continuously increase. In this TV show Christopher Michau of Expedia discusses making the best use of big data for individual travellers.

Data strategy for football fields of servers

Data is becoming so important. Today we measure this in football fields, which keep growing. Every single quarter we add a football field of servers with all this data. We manage all of this in house, we think it’s a critical company advantage. We use it at everything we do. We really see this data as what can it deliver, you know, we asking ourselves, this is the question, how can this data help us, and then you know, thanks to this data we are able to run tests all the time. This idea is really to run test in order to find, what’s right for you as a traveller.

The Hospitality Channel will continue to follow ideas around data strategy and there are more TV shows from Christopher Michau.

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