Data strategy and responsibility

Author: Paul West, James Kirk (

Categories: Data, Technology
Tags: customers, information, privacy, responsibility, security
Data strategy and responsible practices is now a big consideration for all organisation. Paul West discusses responsible data usage.

Data strategy for today's customer

There obviously are privacy concerns, um. By being a responsible gatherer of data and making clear announcements to the user about what you are going to be doing, um, is the first step. Um, if you use data irresponsibly or there is, you know, breach unfortunately, then obviously there’s going to be damage going to be done and there's all the stories out there. Um, we think that the next generation are more, and this is borne out of today’s discussion, are going to be less concerned about the privacy, they understand the value of handing over – surrendering some of your anonymity will lead to a value, but by being responsible users of our data and being true to the commitment from the hotel not to share that information and protect it.

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