Data strategy and its impact

Author: Séverine Obertelli

Categories: Data
Tags: Accor, competitive edge, database, legacy systems, Maxxton
Data strategy can make a huge difference to a hospitality business. In this TV show Séverine Obertelli of Maxxton discusses the impact of good data management.

Data strategy approaches

I mean the impact is huge, and actually, it will be seen I think more than now, in probably in a couple of years, because that would what will make the difference between, between actually an organisation will be successful or not, is who's got, you know, the ownership of the data, because just in that case you will be able to use it. I think its a make or break at this case, I mean, you have a lot of the, the say the big brands, for example, Accord is having a lot of, you know, is trying to put together all the system and and trying to er, to to to have a much more focussed approach around data. A lot of the brands are trying to do that, but really its very difficult with the, the legacy systems, with the different databases. So our approach is a bit different, but it can work, it can certainly work because we have done it for many many years, and that’s the way that we've seen that the organisation and our clients can get really the competitive edge.

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