Customer profile: The mid-market traveller

Author: Bob Loewen, James Kirk (

Categories: Mid-Market Hotels
Tags: product
A customer profile that is becoming increasingly predominant is the mid-market traveller, as Bob Loewen discusses in this TV show.

Customer profile

That’s certainly what’s happening in China, Brazil as well. That they have money to travel and spend and to travel in their own country. You know predominantly the international brands were in the major cities but now you’re getting into second tier and third tier cities because they need hotels, branded new hotels as well. And it’s the same thing here. All the companies came in with their highest level brands but we’re also interested in that next ten million travellers that they want to bring in. What hotel is right for them? Are they looking for an economy hotel or a mid scale hotel? We have the brand certainly. Let’s understand who that traveller is and make sure we have the right product for it. _____________________________________________________________________ If you found this video about the mid-market traveller customer profile interesting why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?  
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