Workplace culture of hospitality

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A pleasant work place culture will reflect well on your business, as Denis Sorin discusses in this video.

Creating a culture of hospitality in the workplace

We want to have the quality of service that you expect anywhere else in the world and even more than that, which mean that for instance, as soon as you walk in the door there is someone coming to you, Seen and Noom, or even in the economy brand, someone comes to you, talks to you and welcomes you. And you never bother them. They are here for you, if you don’t want to see them you have a check-in booth, so there’s no problem. But we are here for you any time 24 hours a day, and with a smile and they care for you. So to do that, I mean that’s a big job, we are developing what we call friend management, so from the head office all the way down to the hotel dishwasher, we want to make sure that people are happy. So every morning they come to work they must be happy. There is one principle, if you’re happy at work you do your job properly and if you do your job properly, of course in hospitality that reflects automatically onto the guest. This is where we are totally different. And we spend also a lot of time in training. We educate people, because we want to hire as many local people are possible. To talk to a customer in a five star hotel, you want them to speak English, you want to them to speak French, you want them to understand the different culture because you need to understand to relate to the culture. We want them to be much more open to the world outside, so we educate them first and then we train them on basic hospitality principles. ______________________________________________________________________ If you enjoyed this video about workplace culture why not watch more TV shows on The Hospitality Channel?
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