Consumers want hassle free products

Author: Gregory Lanter

Categories: Brands, Budget Hotels, Luxury Hotels
Tags: all-inclusive, clients, Cub Med, family business, global, guests, hassle-free, resorts, trends
The history of club med is on one side, we have a very specific product, which is this all-inclusive, friendly, family, upscale resorts. That's what we offer. It appeals to a lot of clients, which shows that it is in the trends, and it is in what people are looking for today. On the other side, our second job in Club Med is to be a tour operator. And we are distributing holidays in thirty five countries in the world. By this we have direct connection with the guests, so we have an understanding of the trends, we don't use online travel agents, we only distribute directly or with selected travel agents of our own. And thanks to this we know that what works, and what doesn't work. We strongly believe that, to be successful in the resort business, you need to be, either upscale, or affordable, that's why we chose to be upscale. If you want a success in upscale family business, you need to be international in your clientele, and that's what we try to do, and we try to make sure that the different type of clientele - our Chinese client, Japanese, Korean, Hong Kongese but also our French, British, Italian, but also American, Brazilian, clients, can gather in the same resorts and enjoy the same kind of product. That's a very big challenge, but you can see that there are common, trends, common things that people want to do, and want to have - very good service, good infrastructure, amazing sights, er and we offer the most beautiful sights of the world for our resorts. But also a hassle-free type of product where you enjoy holidays without having in your mind, what you're gonna pay, how you're going to pay it - because it is all-inclusive. Where you're gonna have dinner, because, it is offered to you, what sport will you have during your day because it is all-inclusive and the teachers are there for you any time you want to go for it. So this hassle-free thing, I think is in the trends today, and that’s what we're trying to offer, at Club Med.
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