Customer demand is changing hospitality

Author: Tim Helliwell, James Kirk (

Categories: Deal-making
Tags: apartments, Brands, finance, hostels, hotel, investment, new concepts
Customer demand will drive which concepts take off and which get left behind. In this TV show Tim Helliwell discusses how consumers are looking for something different.

Customer demand for alternative accommodation

Well, I think these really are arguably the future in terms of where the sector is going. The established brands and the established offerings will always be there and there will always be a market for them, but as we've heard today, you know, people are equally looking for something different, whether that's the brand offering and everything that goes with it, or indeed, in terms of the concept that's been offering. So, whilst, as I said on my panel, that you know I, I'm focussed on hotel finance, I'm actually focussed on aparthotel finance, hostel finance, anything which has got a hospitality angle to it, because frankly that's what consumers are looking for, and that's exactly why I'm here.  

Hospitality TV will continue to feature shows about customer demand and alternative accommodation. Why not take a look at who else has been featured in the Hospitality250.

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