Career development: Working your way up the hospitality ladder

Author: Gregory Lanter

Categories: Brands, Careers
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Career development in hospitality can be a long and rewarding journey. In this TV show Gregory Lanter of Club Med shares his career story.

Career development show

I believe starting in this industry is a great element. It's very difficult to start in another industry and to join this industry and this, very specific type of companies, because there is a culture, and this culture is not shared with all the industries. Myself, I started in Club Med and I started in the allotment for Club Med. So I'm pure in-house, product of Club Med. That's how it worked out, and I agree that developing Club Med around the world is about finding the most beautiful places in the world, and that's the sweetest part of the job, and that's the dream part of the job. Then, there is, as for any jobs, the other part of it, which is more difficult, but even if challenging, fascinating, and, and great, and a great thing to experience, definitely. So! Start in the travel industry, that's probably one of the best ways to end up in the travel industry, if I have one advice.

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