Leadership is about knowing yourself

Author: Susanne Stolte

Categories: Careers, Leadership, your career
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Career development might take you into a leadership position if you are ready for it. In this TV show Susan Stolte of Hotelschool, The Hague says leadership is about knowing yourself.

Career development advice for future leaders

Get to know yourself, because if you talk about leadership it's always first about knowing yourself. And get to know others, so understand with whom you talk understand the needs of of, someone, of your counterpart. Really the empathy and social skills are, I think,one of the main issues in the years to come, which they need to learn. If you also look into technology and and artificial intelligence, the counterpart really the yawn factor, so we are really, giving them that sort of development and they have that talent already because we select very carefully from the beginning. But this is one of the main things I think that that leadership is is based on knowing yourself, and having the self-confidence also to come up with new ideas, and to present them properly, and they really learn also to, to make it a sort of fun and exciting to present new ideas, which we saw yesterday with our students, I think that’s a competence you need as well, because you need to sell your ideas, also, to all kind of stakeholders.

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