Hospitality careers advice for aspiring managers

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Hospitality careers can start anywhere but it is important to keep in mind were you want to get to. In this TV show Ziad El Chaar discusses why aspiring managers must understand return on investment

Hospitality careers and key competencies

Well, let me tell you from our side of the business, I cannot speak about the industry in total.  But when you work for us in the hospitality sector, if you are in the top tier management then your main focus is to drive a return on investment for the people who bought that unit, they’ve put that unit in the rental pool and they are relying on us to give them an above average return.  So if you’re coming in top tier management, even if you are in housekeeping, you need to think of how can I maximise the return to those people who bought those apartments – those hotel apartments from DAMAC.  If you’re coming at a lower level and you’re aspiring to be in management, your main focus is to dazzle and please the customer, no matter what he asks for.

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