All hospitality products have the same core

Author: Andrew Pratt, James Kirk (

Categories: Europe
Tags: concept, Design, Germany, hospitality concepts, innovation, private rented sector
In Germany and in central Europe, we don't get involved in a lot of hotels, unless they're in a mixed use scheme. But, you know, we have similar concept, we have customers, that have to be satisfied, whether they be hotel guests or private tenants occupying our PRS units, and there's the issue of design, which is very similar, there's similar concepts on design, but obviously what a hotel guest wants and what a private rented sector tenant wants - who's likely to be occupying the room for a - well the room, the property - for a lot longer their needs are different, and so you know, there's a process one goes through in terms of design to make sure you've got the right, you've got the right concept there. The other piece is the sale of ancillary services. So, you know, hotels will, in most instances, have swimming pools, you won't have, you won't have that in a private rented sector block, unless it's prime central London. But actually, you know, there are rather, dry cleaning services, kiosks, there's all those sorts of things, you can learn, which is what the tenant want. But it's the communication piece, actually, with the customer and the owner, that's very, very important. And there is, for the private rented sector, there's a lot to be learnt, because the private rented sector is in it's infancy. The closest to that is serviced apartments. The serviced apartment industry is for, it there to serve sort of longer term guests, and is very close to the PRS, and there are some learning points there.
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